The egg

  • The egg

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The egg

We paint only natural animals such as quail, pigeon, guinea fowl, dwarf chicken, chicken, duck, wild duck, peacock, pheasant, turkey eggs, goose eggs and emu, nandu, ostrich eggs. We exclusively paint non-manufactured eggs from numerous birds such as quails, pigeon, guineafowl, dwarf chicken as well as regular chicken, duck, peacock , pheasant, turkey, goose, emu, nandu and ostriches.
We mainly source the natural eggs from the region and from breeders. Our main egg suppliers are the local farmers and breeders. Each egg is manually drilled, blown out and cleaned.
Eggs that have a specific shell, such as the green wild duck egg or the speckled quail, pheasant, guineafowl and turkey eggs, the dark green to green-black emu egg and the porcelain-like duck egg are painted predominantly without primer, regardless of their natural beauty.
Chicken eggs as well as goose eggs are partly primed and then painted with fine and detailed motifs. The eggs get waxed by hand after painting and polished, creating not only a “protective layer” but also a silk-matter gloss. A taffeta or satin ribbon is drawn into each egg for hanging.

The banner egg

The so-called banner or crank eggs originate from the Biedermeier period,  have hidden verses or message inside them. The banner  can be pulled out as well as reinserted back into the egg through a small crevice in the hollow egg. Provided with appropriate verse, the small, richly decorated works of art can serve as gifts for loved ones and friends.

The egg in the egg (rotary egg)

The egg in the egg is a special creation where an egg is incorporated into a slightly larger egg – for example: pigeon egg in the duck egg as well as an ostrich egg in another ostrich egg. The inner egg can be rotated.
Eggs must first be selected and cut or cut accordingly to their size. Afterwards, all parts are hand-painted, waxed, polished, assembled and finally decorated with wax bristles.

Rotary eggs are our own idea and development.